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Who is gale harold dating in 2016

Mister Harold’s stint on that program was cut short when he was injured in pretty serious motorcycle accident in the fall of 2008.Prior to that, his most notable and recognizable role would surely be as the libidinous and narcissistic .

Others found the portrayal refreshingly transgressive and liberating and still others, those without sexual hang ups or a political axe to grind, just thought Mister Harold as Brian Kinney was nothing more than nine kinds of hot and sexy.While there are a few nice things in here–like the credenza under the window and the satellite light fixture above the dining room table–it’s obvious Mister Harold did not consult a nice gay decorator on the day-core.The kitchen and bathrooms have been given the once over by someone who appears to have some idea of what they’re doing.The small kitchen has flat fronted cherry cabinetry–at least it looks like cherry–and all stainless steel appliances.Road, Los Angeles, CAPRICE: $1,300,000SIZE: 2,566 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: Updated mid-century duplex. High end kitchen and baths in owner’s unit, 2– where?” So, like we usually do when confused and confronted with a celebrity name we do not immediately recognize, we fired up our trusty laptop and started clicking and clacking on the keyboard.

It was only a matter of minutes before we were able to put a familiar face to Gale Harold’s unfamiliar name.

Many of the children will know handsome Mister Harold as that dumb ass Susan Mayer’s rebound boyfriend on the last season of .

is painted in two shades of baby poop, has a three car garage at street level and, according to property records and listing information, the two units combined measure 2,566 square feet.

Listing information barely describes the smaller, 2 bedroom and 2 unit but does state it is in “good” condition with “some upgrades.” Listen chickens, whenever Your Mama sees this kind of lackluster listing language we can’t help but think that it’s just real estate speak meant to downplay that the place is a hot mess with a dirty tenant.

It’s like all those naughty real estate brokers in Manhattan who use the word “cozy” when describing an apartment that has just one window that opens into an air shaft and is too damn small to stand in let alone live.

Of course, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the second unit of Mister Harold’s and a bunch of furniture that looks like it came from one of the better Salvation Army thrift stores around town.

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