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What does nothing serious just dating

You are a fairly good option but I also don’t know what all my options are and I am stringing you along until I have more fully appraised these.I don’t know what I want, but you seem to like me, and saying ‘nothing serious’ is the only way I know how to set a boundary.

There are many brave and determined folks out there using their wiles and their data plans in the service of searching the internet for people to go on dates with.There are a lot of internet thinkpieces about how terrible the current environment is of pursuing internet dating.Apparently the internet has made people are flaky, blow each other off, have inadequate excuses for ending relationships, etc.It seems like there has been a cultural shift toward avoidance of accountability for our behavior around dating, and a general evasiveness around discussions of commitment.However, some aspect of these things have been true for a long time.Certainly people have greater opportunities to cycle through a higher number of people- with a greater possibility of finding connection or disappointment.

People also tend to expect online dating to be easier than it actually is, and then grow a cynicism that quickly becomes a self-reinforcing cycle. Of course it is not easy, and unfortunately, it is hard not to internalize a series of rejections or a string of situations in which people bail after three dates, or perpetually running into the same problem of people not wanting the same kind of connection that you do.

This is naturally very disappointing, and a challenge to keep from internalizing!

Which brings us to the question: nobody is looking for anything serious, but what does that actually mean?

I was hoping we could continue to date until the end of the summer/my internship ends/Mercury is no longer in retrograde, after which point I would like to consciously uncouple.

I am secretly falling in love with you but am really scared that that isn’t okay with you.

My heart is too bruised from bad dating experiences and I like hanging out with you but I need to heal my heart with time and therapy and long walks in the woods by myself and not by jumping into another relationship.

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