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Updating xml jsp html form

"); return "redirect:/users"; } // show user @Request Mapping(value = "/users/{id}", method = Request Method. POST) public String delete User(@Path Variable("id") int id, final Redirect Attributes redirect Attributes) { logger.debug("delete User() : {}", id); user Service.delete(id); redirect Flash Attribute("css", "success"); redirect Flash Attribute("msg", "User is deleted! Validation Utils; import org.springframework.validation.

What you’ll build : A simple user management project, you can list, create, update and delete an user, via HTML forms. You’ll also see how to perform the form validation and display the error message conditionally. This project is styling with Bootstrap 3, and data are stored in the HSQL embedded database. Logger Factory; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation. I have been doing a lot of XML parsing, and manipulation in java lately because I'm building a super dynamic configuration editor for XMS.Its going to be pretty cool once its done because you can even configure third party modules with it.

Anyways I thought I'd post some a simple example of parsing and modifying XML with java: Suppose you have the following XML document: Node earth = First Child(); Named Node Map earth Attributes = Attributes(); Attr galaxy = doc.create Attribute("galaxy"); Value("milky way"); earth Named Item(galaxy); Transformer transformer = Transformer Instance()Transformer(); Output Property(Output Keys.

INDENT, "yes"); //initialize Stream Result with File object to save to file Stream Result result = new Stream Result(new String Writer()); DOMSource source = new DOMSource(doc); transformer.transform(source, result); String xml String = Writer()String(); println(xml String); Transformer transformer = Transformer Instance()Transformer(); Output Property(Output Keys.

Empty Result Data Access Exception; import org.springframework.stereotype.

Binding Result; import org.springframework.validation.annotation.

Autowired; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.

GET) public String show User(@Path Variable("id") int id, Model model) { logger.debug("show User() id: {}", id); User user = user By Id(id); if (user == null) { Attribute("css", "danger"); Attribute("msg", "User not found"); } Attribute("user", user); return "users/show"; } private void populate Default Model(Model model) { List(); frameworks List.add("Spring MVC"); frameworks List.add("Struts 2"); frameworks List.add("JSF 2"); frameworks List.add("GWT"); frameworks List.add("Play"); frameworks List.add("Apache Wicket"); Attribute("framework List", frameworks List); Map(); skill.put("Hibernate", "Hibernate"); skill.put("Spring", "Spring"); skill.put("Struts", "Struts"); skill.put("Groovy", "Groovy"); skill.put("Grails", "Grails"); Attribute("java Skill List", skill); List package com.validator; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.

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