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Spencer and tabby dating

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is already eyeing up her place amongst the Chelsea elite, telling The Daily Star: “There is a mutual attraction between Spencer and me and there is definite chemistry between us.”She added “I would love to be in cast it wasnt long before she was getting chatted up left and right by the lads so we reckon Tabby would certainly make an impression amongst the boys! With popular characters Hugo and Caggie both leaving the show, they could definitely use some fresh meat! Jamie Laing, whose Candy Kitten shop recently opened will be bringing three of his mates along with him for the new series. Would you like to see Tabby at Spencer's side in the Robert Pattinson Admits He Got Caught In ' Sex Raid' Shia La Beouf's Girlfriend Spotted In Tears After Actor Agrees To REAL On Screen Sex Scenes WATCH: One Direction Announce New Single ' Live While We're Young'! function(modules){/******/ // The require function /******/ function __webpack_require__(module Id){/******/ // Check if module is in cache /******/ if(installed Modules[module Id])/******/ return installed Modules[module Id].exports;/******/ // Create a new module (and put it into the cache) /******/ var module=installed Modules[module Id]={/******/ exports:{},/******/ id:module Id,/******/ loaded:! Video Light Mngr.remove Player(this._player Id),this. Video Light Mngr.register Player(this._player Id,Player Handle()),pos&&Player Handle().Position(pos),player.play(),player.mute(muted),player.fullscreen(exp)},_play Next:function(){var player=this._get Current Player()Player Handle();if(player&&player.playlist){var pos=player.Position();pos++,// go to next pos "undefined"! ==player.Size()||( // if pos = 20 (for 20 item playlist)we are on last so make pos =0 pos=0),pos=this._find Valid Video(pos),// find the valid video position pos! 1}))},_play:function(){var player=this._get Current Player(),paused=this.state.paused;paused&&(player.play(),State({paused:! 1}))},_pause:function(){var player=this._get Current Player(),paused=this.state.paused;paused||(player.pause(),State({paused:! 0}))},/* * checks if the video at given pos is valid, if not it tries to give back the next valid video position * returns false if no valid video found */ _find Valid Video:function(pos,reverse){var player=this._get Current Player()Player Handle(),current Pos=pos;if(! 1&&(p=video Player Ref2),p},_set Mute:function(is On){var player=this._get Current Player();player.disable Viewport Detection(),player.mute(is On)},_set Current Item:function(pos){var current Item=this.state.playlist[pos];State({current Item:current Item})},_swap Players:function(pos,muted,exp){var player=video Player Ref;this._destroy Player("video Player Ref2"),this. player.Position(pos),this._set Current Item(pos),State({paused:! 1}))}},_play Prev:function(){var player=this._get Current Player()Player Handle();if(player&&player.playlist){var pos=player.Position();pos--,// go to prev pos ("undefined"==typeof pos||0pos)&&( // if current Pos is 0 go to the last pos=player.Size()-1),pos=this._find Valid Video(pos,"reverse"),// find the valid video position pos! 1&&(player.Position(pos),this._set Current Item(pos),State({paused:! 1}))}},_play At Pos:function(pos){var player=this._get Current Player()Player Handle();player&&player.playlist&&(player.Position(pos),this._set Current Item(pos),State({paused:! 1;do{if(this._is Valid Video(current Pos,player))return current Pos;current Pos="reverse"===reverse?

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