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Sex chat wa

Each month we have special invited guest who are Experts in their field and Sexologist from different sexological backgrounds.We chat, have questions and entertaining dialogue about our topic.

The first Tuesday of each month at Serendipity Jazz Coffeehouse (Brookland, DC) we get to the heart of sexual and emotional health.So many relationship experiences we want to examine and understand at the same time we need information and understanding from a Sex Geek (M.Ed in Human Sexuality) not just someone who offers popular advice without empirical data.As the host and sex health educator, I ensure you'll meet great people, industry experts and fellow Sexologist that work throughout Washington DC.Fostering healthier relationships will benefit us all personally in every aspect of our life. You will alway be welcomed with a big smile and HH drink and food specials as soon as you hit the door.Grab a seat, socialize with the friends we hope you bring or the new friends you meet inside.

After a quick intro we always kick off with a fun activity.

They are simple activities that loosen us up and get the ideas flowing about our monthly topic.

You have the opportunity to learn to understand sexuality from a diverse lens, participate in fun activities, have a groovy drink or two and have an experience you can grow with!

Libido Talk serves as a platform for professional people to unwind, be unprofessional and uncensored, while discussing what they truly feel (in a loving kind-of-way).

Pretend you didn't have a long day, pretend that one drink called the g-spot (our house special for $6.00) will rinse down the day. Unite in understanding relationships single, partnered or alternative.

Although it serves multiple functions, its main focus is to create healthy and informative dialogues about sexuality in our audience.

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