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Relevant magazine dating

While sound advice from trusted people is something we should seek out and embrace in our lives, where the line is between healthy wisdom and excessive over-analyzing?

The problem is, when we become consumed with following a formula or series of steps, it’s easy to grow into critics and cynics, evaluating other people with a standard we might not even hold ourselves to.It’s easy to become so concerned with the process that we lose sight of the very real person sitting across the table from us.Our checklist looms bigger in our minds than the prospect of learning to appreciate someone who has given us the honor of sharing their time.We can also fall into the trap of believing that our single status must indicate a deficiency on our part.Much of the dating counsel that floods our newsfeeds daily stems from an assumption that our singleness must mean we are sub-par at relationships, and we need to have those skills fine-tuned.We’re left scratching our heads, wondering if we have what it takes to pursue a meaningful relationship, and questioning if that right person could even exist.

Perhaps instead of more advice, more tips and more “how-to’s,” what we need most is a gentle reminder that God created us for relationship, both romantic and otherwise.

He gave us the good desire to know and be known, and crafted us to long for intimacy.

Natalie is a city girl at heart, currently living and blogging in Atlanta. Some days, being a single Christian can be exhausting.

She is happily addicted to drinking coffee, talking theology, counseling women, and over-analyzing world problems great and s... There is no shortage of advice coming from well-meaning authors, bloggers, pastors, teachers and "dating experts.” There is constantly a new blogpost, podcast, sermon series or book for us to pick up to learn the keys to "biblical" dating and start doing things the right way.

Twelve things you're doing to sabotage your relationships.

I wonder if any generation before ours ever had so much instruction on the topic of finding a spouse—and if any other generation has been so confused about it.

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