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Phis dating

I deemed it the next best thing to physically being at the concert.

But, hey, that's the nature of being a fan of Phish: dedication.As I stood in the back of the bar, along with a bunch of other characters wearing Phish paraphernalia, I realized just how loyal most Phans are to their favorite band.Just a week removed from seeing them play their New Year's run at Madison Square Garden, I was back for more.To most people, it may appear to be an obsession — and a weird one at that — but any true Phish fan knows his or her love for the band is completely normal.The complication of being a Phish fan, however, is that most people who aren't fans of Phish simply won't understand it.So, for the purpose of this piece, I'd like to focus on why — despite being a Phan — we’re still datable.

In fact, I'll explain why being a fan of Phish makes one even more datable.

One of the greatest aspects about Phish concerts — outside of the actual music — is the diversity of the crowd.

Although we may appear to be a bunch of Birkenstock-wearing, kind-bud-smoking, no-job-having residuals of the Jerry Garcia era — we're actually a lot more normal than you think.

At the end of the day, most Phish fans lead completely normal lives outside of the music.

Generally speaking, having a love for Phish isn’t really different from having a love for skiing, or boating, or any other type of interest, for that matter.

People just get the wrong idea about those who follow the band from Vermont.

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