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Names used by dating scammers

Scams have been around for a long time and the rise of email and the Internet has only provided scammers a wider and cheaper audience to reach.It doesn't cost anything to send an email whereas before they at least had to spend the cost of a postage stamp or a phone call.

In a way, artists are not a new target for scammers.It may or may not have perfectly okay emails embedded within it.I only do this in case I add one in error and need to remove it from the list - if its been copied all over I can't control the damage of that for some perfectly innocent person.If you want to spread the word, just send people to this page for the information and I will keep it updated.At first, they just want you to reply, because even if they don't end up tricking you out of your money or artwork, they at least have validated your email as "active" and can then sell that to scam database email collectors for more spams.When it happens when I receive these emails (and I do receive them a lot) is they typically have one or more of the following clues (unfortunately, not always - some are just so damn good, its hard to tell if it is a real request or not): .

See, I really *am* annoyed and wanting to fight back, in whatever way I can.

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is a target for scammers and there is just an increase in the customization of their emails for different audiences.

In the case of artists, it is often that they have found you somewhere online - your website or your participation in a message board community or someplace where they can then send you an email.

They often even mention the actual names of some of your artwork pieces and say they are interested in buying them.

They try to save mentioning certain things in the first email that would give them away as a scammer.

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