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Linda chung dating

The couple chatted for a while and Linda even had a Macdonald burger on her hand, which was believed to have been bought by Ruco for her.

When asked to address speculations about their new romance, Linda denied it and stressed that she and Dylan are only good friends. The pair reportedly developed feelings during the filming, and Ruco had been pursuing Linda actively after her breakup with ex-boyfriend, Philip Ng.A source said that Ruco had often praised Linda openly and showered her with his attentiveness.An insider said, “Ruco often reminded Linda to wear more clothing while filming in winter.27 Aug - TVB actress Linda Chung has denied rumours of blossoming romance with her younger co-star, Dylan Ding.As reported on Apple Daily News, previously, tabloids reported that the actress has hit it off with her 24-year-old mainland co-star in the drama series "3 of Honour".

The two stars reportedly enjoyed each other's company while they were shooting in Hengdian, and would spend most of their time together during filming breaks.

The rumours came after it was claimed that Linda and rumoured boyfriend Philip Ng have called it quits - an allegation that Linda had indirectly denied recently.

One minute, he asked her to get on the car, and another minute, he would ask if she had eaten enough during mealtime. Even if he is a gentleman, we don’t see the same treatment to Kristal Tin.” Due to her relationship with 6 years boyfriend, Ruco’s active courtship did not move Linda until a month ago, when he successfully courted her.

Ruco has also been spotted picking up Linda from her place on many occasions.

Last Sunday (), Ruco again picked Linda from her place to the pier, preparing to head off together to a promotion event in Macau.

Despite waited for 10 minutes, Ruco was very patient and even smiled sweetly towards Linda upon her arrival.

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