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Grand theft auto dating carmen

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough by Mattdean76 This Walkthrough is copyright Mattdean76 and is can only be posted on the sites listed below.This walkthrough deals with the Friends, Random Characters & Girlfriends you meet in the game.

Your appearance and car (and car condition) matter.If it doesn't work then I'm sorry but I married her and it wasn't Kate guys she died This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. To reply please close this box and use the 'Add a comment' box below. Carmen Ortiz, aka So Bo Hoe, is a free spirited woman, meaning she’s not the stalker type. Good times to call Carmen: PM-AM Vehicles Carmen likes: Dukes, E109, FXT, Stallion, Sultan RS Vehicles Carmen dislikes: Dillettante, Marbella, Merit, Minivan Clothes Carmen likes on Niko: Any clothes from Modo and Perseus Clothes Carmen dislikes on Niko: Anything from The Russian Shop How Carmen rates places to eat: Cluckin’ Bell - - 50 Burger Shot - - 50 Diner - - 60 Mr.She is also a nurse, so if you get on her nice and tender side you can call her and she will restore part of your health. Once you get access to the internet after the mission “Out of the Closet” you can go on the ingame website and under the women’s personals she is So Bo Hoe. If you show up in a jalopy and blood stained clothes, your date will not appreciate it and leads to a failed date more likely than not.

Do your best to not break the law on the date to impress her most.

After each date, you have a chance to "try your luck" or "say goodbye" for a chance to score with her.

Personally kiki is jore sensable and carmen is outgoing.

The only thing with them is that if you fall off your bike they dump you.

Also kiki gets to know about the other girls you met because she stalkes you!!!!

Um yes you can marry Alex the girl of craplist just go on a lot of dates ( use the comet she love that car she won't say I love it tho) and she will ring you after the date and ask u.

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