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Freja beha erichsen dating arizona

// only include talkbe script if it's been requested by adding the #talkbe div into the page if (Element By Id('talkbe')) { window.talkbe = { // TODO. app_id: "Vogue", head: "Vogue on Whats App", //Optional: The top line of header text. Default is "Mobile Number", register: "", //Optional. The default is "We're on Whats App." sub: "Register now to be the first to get the latest fashion updates from British Vogue", //Optional: The second line of header text.

The loading text for when the register button is clicked. The message for when the international code is required for the number, or we can't parse the input number. Default is "Thanks, we will message you in a few days.", fail: "", //Optional. Default is "Sorry, there was a problem registering your details.", err: "",//Optional.According to Elle's Market Editor, Joann Pailey, American model Arizona Muse and Danish beauty Freja Beha Erichsen are dating, and the couple have been on one of the most talked about topics at the recent haute couture fashion week in Paris.Refinery29 picked up on the story, stating that everyone was gossiping about the rumored couple at the Chanel haute couture show.Arizona and Freja have worked together on numerous occasions - they appeared side-by-side on the cover of Vogue Italia in January, and were also photographed quite intimately by Karl Lagerfeld in an issue of Numéro (see the photos here).If that's true, then they're almost certainly the most attractive couple in the world, Brangelina be damned.

The modeling duo has been making plenty of appearances on magazine covers (the girls shared the cover of in March) and at photographers' studios.

Arizona and Freja posed for an intimate portrait spread by Terry Richardson and got some snapshots done by Karl Lagerfeld.

The duo were also captured in black and white by Terry Richardson in a series of candid portraits, and they appeared to be quite close in the photos.

Muse is a mother of one (she has a 2-year-old son named Nikko) while Freja has been linked to other models such as Irina Lazareanu and Abbey Lee Kershaw in the past.

One thing is for sure: these two would make one seriously hot couple if the rumors were true.

's Market Editor, Joann Pailey, people at the Paris couture shows are saying that models Arizona Muse and Freja Beha Erichsen are dating.

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