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Ellen page dating alexander skarsgard

This PDA display begs the question — did Ellen Page nab the sexiest vampire in all the land?Ellen and Alexander’s relationship has been a topic ever since the two were spotted at a Stanley Cup Playoffs Game in June of 2012.

Could this be a confirmation of an Ellen Page/Alexander Skarsgard romance?Relationship rumors have been swirling about the co-stars and possible couple, and now a telling new pic of the maybe-lovebirds is making the rounds.The actors were in San Francisco doing press for their film over the weekend, and the film’s director Zal Batmanglij tweeted an adorable pic of Skarsgard planting a smooch on Page’s forehead. When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam’s piano piece.actor in the photo, she is shown relaxing in his arms in what looks to be a very comfortable pose.A man with the word “Batman” in his last would never ever lie to us.And if Ellen Page really is using suction cups to climb a naked Mt.

ASkars to suck on his face, then I really, really need to update the “lesbian detector” app on my Gaydar. No, their couple name should definitely be What The Fuck.

If they are doing it for real and this just isn’t some stunt to promote their movie, what should their couple name be? Here’s Ellen and ASkars at LAX together last Thursday.

Even after all the “double bearding” blind items, the pictures of them at a Stanley Cup finals game and the pictures of them cuddling at a premiere, I never believed that either Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page were a real couple or that publicists were trying to pass them off as a real couple, but apparently it’s happening. For those of you hoping that now that Kristen Stewart is single she’s going to bump greasy hipster ‘ginas with Ellen Page, keep hoping. The Daily Mail says that ASkars and Ellen have been dating for about a year and this past weekend the director of their movie The East, Zal Batmanglij, tweeted a picture of them “looking more in love than ever” while hanging out in a park in San Francisco.

The “looking more in love than ever” words came from the Daily Mail.

To me, it looks more like a father is kissing his trucker toddler daughter goodbye before she has to go out and make deliveries in her rideable Tonka Truck.

That picture still doesn’t really prove anything and I’m waiting for Zal Batmanglij to tell us what’s really going on.

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