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Discreeet dating sites

Hello Folks, After a struggling relation of a year, me and my partner decided to take a break. We both decided to spend times apart, see other people if we want to and check things later. Go on the internet and you'll just meet freaks and weirdoes.

I understand there are few threads for dating sites, but I am looking for something more discreet.Live a little, as Oldhand suggests, and you might actually meet someone worth meeting.HTH You need to show a little more respect to your elders, young man.Oldhand knows more about life than you know about kleenex and a numb left hand.Go on the internet and you'll just meet freaks and weirdoes.HTH Don't get me wrong, I did not mean any disrespect However, I believe this is an open forum and we can talk or ask what we feel like.

I would have picked 10 better answers but WTH, it is an open forum. I am interested though in being educated, what's an un-open relationship?

that's pretty outmoded thinking, with today's range of internet sites, you can get exactly what you're after. nostringssexwithoutcuddleafterwardswithoutovernigh nostringssexwithoutcuddleafterwardsyouwilldothewal how can you expect to find the right person if you don't go to the right website?! You see I understood your partner and yourself where taking a break for a couple of months and the mutual agreement was to play the field.

Suppose when I played the field, it meant physically going out, having a banter and a flirt and seeing where things led.

True though times have changed, well except me attitude.

is a personalised exclusive dating service, where personal introductions are put forward.

So if you are looking for that long term partner, and want to be in a relationship, why wait?

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