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Direct sex chat without signing in

We thought we were going to have to write our own Direct X encoders too, but don't go to all the trouble.VLC works really well and has enough C# support to be very useful. That was one of the priorities, actually, when I was handed this task.

modern version with support of VC-1(h264) codec does not allow direct serverless ip-ip connections.It does at require Microsoft Live Communications server. f=32&t=52021&start=30) We are using C# and VLC for an IPTV network.Newer version SDK does not cover well video conferencing calls. By the way, I've even used Conference XP video rtp part with RTC 1.3 voice/SIP features together to improve video quality, so you have wide choice of managed technologies here. We take input off DISH network satellites via Osprey-450 video capture devices on a Windows XP server. NET server component that we wrote in C# that uses VLC behind the scenes (starting separate processes in . The VLC processes transcode and stream the signals over a network (.h264 or MPEG-4, we've successfully done both).Another thing is Live Meeting at which I had no chance to take good look yet. On the client side we have a C# Win Form application that uses an embedded VLC Viewer to view multicast signals. The real use of the multicast signals happens when our set top boxes attached to our TV's decode and display the streams.It is documented with samples in Windows Media Encoder SDK. 3) Microsoft RTC Client up to version 1.3 - core of windows messenger.Good for any high resolution streaming, but delay is too big for realtime chat (0.5-2 seconds at best). 2) Microsoft Research Conference XP Full featured conferencing API including application streaming. pros: managed samples from Microsoft, good docs, reliable performance, freely redistributable, microsoft compatible (good) SIP stack included.

They too low level Windows Media coded filters and wrapped them into managed code. Major conferencing vendors like Emblaze VCON based their solutions on it in some near past, not sure about this days, but I know that Tandberg licensed Microsft's VC-1.

cons: version up to 1.3 support h261-h263 video only.

Now the challenge is that we are looking to achieve very high quality video streaming and the container application is coded in C#. The network logic to stream data is written in C# , the video compression to be written in VC++ and call this VC++ dll using pinvoke or either CLI which way possible.

I am looking for some one more experienced that me in this field who can suggest me if Iam going correct or can this be still improved. The codec can be any anything like h.2633, h.264 etc.

I've used several ways to get video streaming/conferencing with easily, without need to dig into directshow.

(ok, dig some, but not deep :) 1) Use of plain Windows Media Encoder components.

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