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Two months after their wedding, Yeon-Yi (Yoon Jin-Seo)'s husband Jin-woo (Yoo Ji-Tae)gets into an accident and falls into a coma.

Then Yeon-Yi waits at the airport for Jin-Woo's brother Jin-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae), whom she has never met before.:) i think it's jin woo who saved yeon yi,it didn't happen during their swap game,just another day when jin woo went to the bridge, they didn't go together since jin woo said that they did the game when he was sick, the thing happened when they switched was that jin ho met the teacher *idk her name,hate her :p* u can see that from jin ho's habit to tie people shoelaces.. although the plot remind me of "Addicted" movie play by lee byung hun but sure it's not gonna be the same with LBH movie maybe with different twist love yoo ji tae you're such a great actor!and also from the wedding pic that jin woo sent to his bro, it's him who saved yeon yi.. It was from Canada and by judging the scenery, it must be Canada (place where Jin-ho study). aaaah, i don't really like the ending, it's so unfair TT___TT poor jin woo~ GREAT movie!! Another twist of the story, who is the real person who help Yeon-yi in the bridge? When Jin-wo and Jin-ho chat, Jin-wo told Jin-ho that they somewhat play a game (to swap their identity) and it was Jin-ho who went for mountain climbing. WHEN JIN HO AND JIN WOO ARE ON THE BRIDGE FIGHTING JIN WOO ADK JIN HO WHY HE AS TO LIE ABOUT WHO RESCUE HER BUT YES IT WAS WHEN THEY WHERE SWITCHING IDENTITIES IT WAS JIN WOO AS JIN HO AND JIN HO AS JIN WOO THATS WHY THE STRANGE WOMAN THINK SHE MET AND LOVE JIN WOO.AND THE PERSON IN THE WHEELCHAIR IS JIN HO YOU CAN TELL IN YHE COFFEE SCENE WHEN YEON TALK TRU THE WIMDOW IT WAS JIM HO WHEN JIN WOO ARRIVES YOU CAN TELL BY YEON EXPRESSIONS Definitely it is Jin-ho that Yeon said she loved.

I concluded it remembering the part when Jin-woo disguised Jin-ho,wherein Jin-woo almost killed her wife, Yeon, knowing how his wife misses Jin-ho.

Also the part wherein Yeon called Jin-woo, as Jin-ho, after Jin-woo and Yeon made love in the tub. You need to be in love to know who really is in the wheelchair in the end.

She is stunned when she meets him, because Yeon-Yi never knew Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho are identical twin brothers.

Although Jin-Ho and Yeon-Yi's relationship is cold at first. Their relationship becomes even more volatile, when Jin-woo suddenly awakes from his coma ...

it was definately jinwoo at the end, he is the one that she loved, u can be sure since yeon went to the teacher she realized that jin ho was lying about everything (she said big mistake).

when she looked at the wedding photo it's written behind that jin woo saved her in the mountains yet jin ho said that he was the one, don t forget that jin woo loves mountains which explains the final scene, IT WAS JIN WOO WHO SAVE YEON ON THE BRIDGE.

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