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Chat avenue adult

Supposedly the 'web's largest chat community', and holding the self-proclaimed '#1' before it, Chat-Avenue (Also known as C/A, C-A, or just CA) is a place for anything. Everyone else has it and it'll be the only way to directly talk with the members. If you're not a smart ass at times, nothing will be fun. If someone calls you a n00b, nub or newb, post a picture of Noob Saibot with an oversized question mark.

The only chats that really keeps this minimal is the Video Game Chat. REPUTATION POINTS: Useless, pointless, and yet still coveted. From personal experience, I can say he's just some guy. Don't piss him off and you can keep chatting and posting at C-A. Alright, I'll shall now write out the 'unwritten rules of C/A' 1. Rating - The position measured by activity among all forum sites tracked by Board Reader.If rating is 10 there are 9 forum sites which have higher activity.But everyone there is an asshole and thinks they compare to God himself, mods included. Everyone freaks out over bad rep points, and strives for that insane number of good rep points. Try to be literate, or you will get verbally raped as well.

The only good part about reputation points are picture reps.

Picture reps are when you give someone a reputation point, good or bad, and in the comment box, post the url of a nasty, funny, or unrelated picture enclosed in IMG tags. Research shows that the Test forum is the only good one.

' WHO IZ DIS ' CHATMASTER' I BET I CULD BEAT HIM ^ LOL", you say? Some revere him as God, others revere him as an asshole.

Posts - Number of posts on forum site during last 7 days.

Threads - Number of threads on forum site active during last 7 days.

Authors - Number of authors which contributed to the site within last 7 days. In today's newsfeed I came across a proposal from famed astrophysicist (and vehement 'scientist') Neil de Grasse Tyson who declares that the planet Earth needs only ONE government and that its Constitution should be "Rationalia", which in his words are that ALL policies should be based upon the weight of evidence and nothing more. What was your worst film you had to suffer through?

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